Independence Options for Financial Advisors

1792 Wealth Advisors is the premier destination for individual advisors, teams, and enterprise branches seeking independence options for financial advisors. A partnership with 1792 Wealth Advisors gives advisors control over their own destiny, and the freedom to run their own business and grow.

1792 Wealth Advisors is run by advisors who have made the journey to independence. Our mission is to partner with other entrepreneurial financial advisors who are seeking independence and want to break free of the frustrating culture found in many wirehouse and financial firms.

Our platform provides complete technology and operations support for running a wealth management advisory practice. Actively sharing best practices and a client-centric culture results in tremendous opportunity for our partners to own an advisory business with higher payouts and enterprise value.

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Individual Advisor

Looking for the freedom and culture of being independent but don’t want the headaches of transition and running a business ? Supported independence with 1792 Wealth Advisors takes care of all the businesses operations and allows you to focus on your clients.

Team Liftout

Built a complete team that is ready to go out on their own? 1792 Wealth Advisors will help you leverage what you’ve already created and hit the ground running in your own independent practice.

Enterprise Branch

Are you a group of advisors or a Producing Manager ready to band together and launch an independent practice? 1792 Wealth Advisors provides all the support you need and offers the independence you crave.

Succession Advisor

Time to put a plan in place for your own retirement? Partnering with 1792 Wealth Advisors provides you with a platform to gracefully exit when the time comes while maintaining the trust you have built with your clients.

Individual Advisor

Team Liftout

Enterprise Branch

Succession Advisor

our independence options for financial advisors allows advisors to focus on growing their business

1792 Wealth Advisors

Become a Partner

Making the change to supported independence is easier when you are backed by advisors who have done the same thing for themselves and many others. 1792 Wealth Advisors has built an advisor-friendly culture that supports advisors every step of the way during the transition and a platform that fully supports our advisor partners in helping them focus on clients instead of the nuts-and-bolts of running a business.

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1792 offers independence options for all types of financial advisors

Affiliation Options

Whether you are an individual advisor seeking the freedom to do what’s right for your clients, a team that already looks more like a business, a group of like-minded advisors at a wirehouse ready to go out on their own, a Producing Manager considering building your own branch or an established advisor looking for a way to eventually exit the business without destroying the client relationships you’ve built, we have an option for you. Partnering with 1792 Wealth Advisors puts you and your clients in a better place. 

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The Advisor Experience

What happens when you decide to partner with 1792 Wealth Advisors?  Click here to learn about supported independence options, both during transition and after you’ve joined with us, along with the resources and back-office support of Raymond James.


Why 1792 Wealth Advisors

Learn the full story of who we are, how we got here, and why partnering with us is the right choice for an entrepreneurial-minded financial advisor seeking supported independence. 


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An Advisor-friendly Culture

“Autonomy. Collaboration. Accountability. Integrity. Honesty. Professionalism. At 1792 Wealth Advisors we put all those attributes together into a culture that is liberating and quickly becomes a work family.”

Robert Milligan Jr


Being a Part of Raymond James

We’re a part of the Raymond James family, and when you partner with us you’ll be part of the family, too. Learn what that means, the services and support provided by Raymond James, and the benefits for you and your clients when you partner with us.

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