Thinking about going independent?

You’ve worked hard to build a successful practice. Your clients trust you have always worked in their best interest. Now it’s time to create the future you have imagined for you, your team and your clients. Now it’s time to consider your independence.

What does independence mean to you?

Advisors continue to flock to the independent model for many reasons. What’s yours?


Dissatisfied with the culture of wirehouse firms or current broker dealer?

Want to potentially earn more and have
real ownership/equity in your business?

Want to build your own brand?

Want access to the best-of-breed
technology and support?

Want more control over the way
you serve your clients?

Going independent doesn’t mean going it alone.

Partnering with 1792 Wealth Advisors and Raymond James means gaining the freedom to run your business the way you see fit, with our full support. Since inception, we’ve helped many advisors gain their independence, confident in the stability of a great team and a large company behind them and their ability to deliver quality outcomes for their clients leveraging our resources and support. Are you ready to explore what independence could mean for you?

True ownership of your business,
your clients and your future

Access to integrated platform with

Reduce risk and maximize your
economics without sacrificing

Freedom to Grow

If you’re contemplating independence, we’d love to talk to you. Whether you’re on your own, working with a team, or looking to leverage your existing infrastructure to create an attractive offering for other FAs, we have the resources and support to meet you where you are and to take you where you want to be.

In partnering with 1792 Wealth Advisors, you can expect:  

A Seamless Client Transition with Your Business on Solid Footing

The Freedom to Focus on Your
Highest and Best Use

The Opportunity to Create a
Business with Enduring Value

Built for Your Success

1792 Wealth Advisors, Raymond James and Concurrent Advisors
are strategic partners
 for breakaway advisors seeking to transform their book into a
business and increase its value. We do that by streamlining the launch of your
independent office, by offloading the non-differentiating aspects of running your business,
and by working collaboratively with you to improve your practice.

Streamline launch

    • Client Transition Support 
    • Business Start-Up Support 
    • Managing Risk – Legal Guidance and Access to Capital

Create Capacity

    • Compliance and Supervision 
    • Operations and Sales Support
    • Turn-key Office Administration