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We’ve found supported independence for financial advisors in partnership with 1792 Wealth Advisors works extremely well for four types of Advisors:

Individual Advisor

Advisors may be unhappy with merely being a cog in someone else’s distribution strategy and frustrated by their employer’s practices and requirements that are only in the best interest of the company.

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Advisors may have changed firms already in their career and realize the promised benefits never materialized. Supported independence with 1792 Wealth Advisors frees financial advisors from a transaction and quota-oriented culture and sets them on a path that satisfies their entrepreneurial spirit, allows them to do what’s best for their clients, and provides a much better long-term economic return on their efforts.

When you join us as a tuck-in, we handle everything for you; office space, hiring and managing support, technology – everything you need. You just show up and take care of your clients better than ever before.

Enterprise Branch

Like-minded advisors in a wirehouse environment will often share a knowing look between them: We could crush this if we were on our own.

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They like the wirehouse platform and support. Their interest is in serving clients and building a thriving wealth management advisory practice, not getting into the weeds of running a firm and reinventing the wheel. Supported independence with 1792 Wealth Advisors is the perfect solution.

You’ll enjoy a partnership-level affiliation with 1792, but you’ll get all the functional, supervisory, and platform support you are used to without the drawbacks. Are you a group of wirehouse advisors ready to band together or a producing manager ready to launch an independent branch or firm? 1792 Wealth Advisors provides all the support you need and the independence you crave.

Team Liftout

Advisors may have built a complete team that is ready to go out on their own, but remains stifled by a culture that keeps them on a short leash.



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You already know you could be more successful in the right environment. 1792 Wealth Advisors helps teams leverage the talent they have already assembled and quickly transform the team’s entrepreneurial spark into a thriving independent financial advisory practice.

Succession Advisor

Late-career advisors ultimately need to put a plan in place for the transition of their wealth management advisory practice.

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Extracting value from your life’s work is important, but so is the peace of mind knowing your clients will be well taken care of, and the enduring trust you have built with them will be maintained. Partnering with 1792 Wealth Advisors provides you with a platform to gracefully exit when the time eventually comes. You’ll be well prepared, and so will your clients.

Let’s start a conversation about the next step in your financial advisory career and discuss whether a supported independence partnership with 1792 Wealth Advisors is for you.

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