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Adopting Supported Independence – What it Means for You & Your Financial Advisory Clients

Making the decision to partner with 1792 Wealth Advisors is a process that begins with understanding the benefits to you and your clients and determining if this is the right fit for you.


  • We’ll help you through your thorough due diligence to determine the fit for you
  • You make a commitment to begin the journey
  • Our financial advisor transition team will support you as you work through the pre-transition process
  • Day 1 launch of your new business
    • You are officially affiliated with Raymond James and 1792 Wealth Advisors
    • The process to cleanly and effectively transition their clients from their prior firm cleanly
  • Manage your practice and client relationships with our support
  • Advisors will get better at what they do:
    • Collaboration
    • Investment management
    • Marketing
    • Practice management
    • Technology

1792 Wealth Advisors

The key to a smooth financial advisor transition for the advisor and their clients is the “been there, done that” experience of 1792 Wealth Advisors. In addition to being advisors themselves and having personal experience making a transition, 1792 Wealth Advisors has helped other advisors make the same move and knows how to avoid the pitfalls that await the inexperienced.

1792 Wealth Advisors will assist with all the logistics, including office space, functional support, hiring, and more. As a new partner, 1792 will work with you to get up & running and transfer your clients as quickly and smoothy as possible.

We’re in a business built on trust. Your clients trust you to help them make decisions in their best interest. Moving them to an environment where you are free to do so is an extension of the trust you’ve built – the trust they have in you.

Let’s start a conversation about moving to supported independence with 1792 Wealth Advisors. You owe it to your clients, and you owe it to yourself.


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