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Financial advisors with an entrepreneurial mindset seeking the next step in their career path frequently turn to the supported independence model. It’s easy to see why; frustrated by the constraints and transaction-oriented culture found in wirehouse firms or many financial services organizations, financial advisors can clearly see that their clients would be better served if they had the freedom to be truly client-centric and only offer what was in the client’s best interest.

1792 Wealth Advisors has created the best of both worlds for financial advisors. The freedom and flexibility to best serve clients combined with a culture of collaboration and the full-back office, functional, compliance, and platform support to successfully run a wealth management advisory practice.

Partnering with us is the best long-term economic decision for advisors. Partnership in 1792 Wealth Advisors brings a much better payout and higher enterprise value.

1792 Wealth Advisors

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Five types of advisor typically join 1792 Wealth Advisors:


        • Individual Advisors seeking the freedom to better serve clients
        • Teams that are ready to go out on their own
        • Groups of like-minded advisors at a wirehouse or similar environment
        • Producing Managers looking to build their own branch or firm
        • Succession Advisors planning for their eventual exit from the business

Advisors partnering with us are fully supported from the start of the transition all the way through running and growing their independent wealth management advisory practice.

The 1792 Advantage

1792 Wealth Advisors is the right partner for your journey to the rewards of independence:

  • Experienced & Entrepreneurial Advisors Helping You Succeed & Grow
  • We Focus on You So You Can Focus on Your Clients
  • Culture of Community and Sharing Best Practices
  • Culture of Continuous Improvement & Technological Advancement
  • Experienced Guidance Through the Supported Independence Process
  • Full Back-Office, Compliance, Supervision, and Functional Support
  • Dedicated Transition Team
  • Strength of the Raymond James Platform
  • Robust Marketing and Practice Management Consulting
  • Access to Capital for Succession Planning and Practice Growth
  • Investment Platform Designed to Deliver Your Clients Institutional-Caliber Investment Management

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